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Going back // Zurück gehen

Imagine you could go back in time and take a look at a moment in your soul’s history when a specific emotional-energetic pattern started to form. Imagine, for example, you could watch one of your previous selves get torn apart, by illness and death, from the person they wanted to spend their life with. In your heart, you recognise that person – they are your current partner. 

And all of a sudden, you understand why you keep falling into deep despair “over nothing”, whenever your current partner goes out traveling for a few days: Your soul never fully recovered from that previous, involuntary separation. But recovery is possible. From your Here & Now, you can consciously go back in time and heal your past pain. 

Here’s a second example: Imagine you could watch, from a distance, that one of your previous selves spent their life living in a community that was deeply connected to nature. From a distance, you can watch them ask Spirit for help – and actually receive it. 

And all of a sudden, you understand why you have been searching for a healthy connection to the Above, without having words for what you were looking for, exactly. And through this realisation, you can finally reconnect with Spirit, in that deep way your soul always knew you could.  

All of this is possible.

As you go back to the original memory of such a momentous event, you can clean up, energetically, and bring certain forms of knowing back into the Here & Now that can help you bring peace back into your soul where it had slipped away. 

If you can feel that *the emotional thing* you are currently dealing with might be older than this lifetime, or if you are noticing that it doesn’t quite feel like you, it can pay off to go back to your original memory of *the emotional thing*, and bring peace into your past. 

I can help with that. Each Session is a safe space for you to travel into the past – and back again. 

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Stell Dir vor, Du könntest in der Zeit zurück gehen, und Dir den Moment in Deiner Seelengeschichte anschauen, in dem ein bestimmtes emotional-energetisches Muster zum ersten Mal Form angenommen hat. Stell Dir also zum Beispiel vor, Du könntest einem Deiner früheren Leben dabei zusehen, wie Dir Deine damalige Lebenspartner*in durch Krankheit und Tod entrissen wurde – und Dein Herz spürt, dass dieser Mensch von damals auch Deine jetzige Partner*in ist. 

Und plötzlich verstehst Du, warum Du “wie aus dem Nichts” in tiefe Trauer rutscht, sobald Deine jetzige Partner*in mal für ein paar Tage auf Reisen ist: Deine Seele hat sich von der damaligen unfreiwilligen Trennung nie ganz erholen können. Vom Hier & Jetzt aus kannst Du das aber bewusst nachholen und den Schmerz aus der Vergangenheit verheilen.   

Ein zweites Beispiel: Stell Dir vor, Du wärst aus der Ferne dabei, wie Dein früheres Leben, eingebettet in eine tief mit der Natur verbundene Gemeinschaft, Hilfe von Spirit erbeten hat – und sie tatsächlich bekam. Und plötzlich verstehst Du, warum Du Dein Leben lang auf der Suche nach der Verbindung nach Oben warst, ohne genau erklären zu können, wonach Du konkret gesucht hast. Und jetzt kannst Du endlich die Verbindung zu Spirit wieder herstellen, so wie Deine Seele das schon immer konnte.  

All das ist möglich. 

Und indem Du in der Zeit an diese ersten Erinnerungen eines bestimmten folgenreichen Erlebnisses zurück gehst, kannst Du dort auch energetisch aufräumen, und Dir bestimmte Formen von Wissen ins Hier & Jetzt holen, die Dir dabei helfen, im Nachhinein wieder Frieden in Deine Seele zu bringen, wo er Dir damals entglitten ist. 

Wenn Du spürst, dass *das emotionale Ding*, das Dich gerade beschäftigt, älter sein könnte als dieses Leben oder sich irgendwie nicht nach Dir anfühlt, kann es sich lohnen, an die ursprüngliche Erinnerung dieses *emotionalen Dings* zurück zu gehen und energetisch Frieden in Deine Vergangenheit zu bringen. 

Ich kann Dir damit helfen. Jede Session ist ein Safe Space, innerhalb dessen Du sicher in Deine Vergangenheit reisen kannst – und wieder zurück. 

Hier kannst Du Deine Termine bei mir buchen. Bis bald!

Time and space are irrelevant.

Energy Work works across time and space.

You can send forgiveness across generations.

You can send healing energies back through time and help your past lives find peace. (Which, in turn, will make your present self feel better.)

You can receive detailed visions from your future self and see who you could become.

You can tune into the energetics of your relationships and let your inner senses show you how to heal and transform those connections.

Your consciousness can do all of that for you. And more.

Contact me if that sounds interesting.

You’ve been here before

The patterns you are experiencing in your relationships often date back hundreds of years. You meet and re-meet certain souls again and again, lifetime after lifetime, until you have learned to stay in integrity with yourself, in all of your relationships.

For example, with some souls, you learn how to set boundaries.

With others, you learn how to fall in love.

With others, still, you learn how to collaborate, negotiate, and create new ways of living.

Of course, this also means that meeting some particular souls will make you feel uncomfortable.

Some souls will push you into fighting for your freedom. It is not their intention to set you free, but in a twisted way, they will help you free yourself from manipulation so you can live a self-determined life. Do not allow the bullies, the gas lighters or the violent ones to crush your free will. Look for allies. We are everywhere.

Some souls you will have to deliberately invite into your life so you can learn how to love, even if that means that your vulnerabilities, anxieties and panic attacks will show up uninvited, too. Unfortunately, love doesn’t come if those three can’t come, too.

But, when panic attacks arise and they are triggered by joy, not by trauma, your heart is leading you into the dreams you didn’t dare to dream.

Let the souls who love you, love you, even if it feels almost overwhelmingly glorious.

And then there are souls who will lead you directly into facing your blind spots, and your ego will probably want to freeze and play dead. These souls will help you understand where your cultural biases are, where your privilege has made a comfortable nest for itself, and where you are not taking full responsibility for your actions.

Let this be uncomfortable. Learn. Grow. Let those souls be your teachers.

We live in a time where those ancient, repeated relationship patterns are coming up to the surface. To be examined by the light of day. And to be fully understood.

If you would like to get a soul history perspective and find out what your relationship patterns mean, and how you can transform them, let’s talk. I can help you see clearly.

Choose relaxed tenacity

There’s a beautiful balance that I learned from Yoga which is instantly applicable to life: tenacity and relaxation.

In essence, Yoga works like this: You start to consciously control your breathing, you move into your pose and gently hold it, and you repeat a mantra in your mind to stay focused.

This creates a very relaxed way of being, and at the same time, you learn how to use your stamina, tenacity, and grit.

You might have noticed in your own Yoga practice that a conscious breath and a mantra can help you hold a pose much longer than if you do your “normal” breathing or let your mind slowly slip into negativity when things get a bit more difficult.

You develop a knowing that your body is always giving you feedback, and how to adjust your stance, if needed.

And you learn that your conscious focus and your willingness to keep up will help you to relax even when there’s tension or pain. You take a stance, you breathe, you stay focused, and you choose a conscious, relaxed tenacity.

Life imitating Yoga.

Yoga imitating life.

Let me know if you need any help with translating your Yogic tenacity to life. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, it is part of my job to provide those kinds of translation services. Contact me for a non-binding Intro Conversation if you’d like to learn more.