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Meet Lilly

Hello! I’m Lilly Mackuth.

I'm an energy worker, an intuitive guide and a life coach.

My work lives at the intersection of thoughtful analysis and intuitive knowing. Since 2010, I have been applying my holistic, transformational coaching approach to help dozens of private clients strategically use their #InnerWisdomSystems. My specialty is to help you tune into your intuitve wisdom so you can shift the energy patterns underneath your issues – in particular, when it comes to the relationships in your life (friendships, partnerships, family, collaborators... you name it).

I am deeply intuitive and a natural empath. Using my clair senses to find the right questions and help others understand all the facets of who they are has always been my thing. And ever since I was a teenager, people of all ages have come to me for moral support, to demystify their relationship dynamics, or to talk things through before making a big decision.

I live in Konstanz, Germany, where I earned my Master’s degree in Literature, Art History and Sociology, and where I used to work as a copy writer / writing coach. In other words: My mind knows how to create understanding, and how to analyse context where some only see scattered pieces of information.

I studied Kundalini Yoga with Satya Singh Wester and Antje Kuwert of the German branch of 3HO to get an in-depth experience of yogic teachings, and I taught countless classes, focusing on the transformational nature of Kundalini Yoga.

I also apprenticed with Jouleeyah, an immensely gifted spiritual healer, to learn how to apply my energy work talents systematically. For several years, I worked with her on refining my ability to see energies, to guide my clients towards the energetic causes of their issues (especially those stemming from past life experiences), and to connect my clients to their unique #innerwisdomsystems through their bodies, hearts, minds and souls.

I trained with Dr. Martha Beck (one of Oprah Winfrey's trusted life coaches) to add some science-backed coaching skills to my toolbox.

In 2020, I updated my energy work tools, learning some new-to-me-skills via Maryam Hasnaa and Kenneth Jover, two highly sophisticated energy practitioners.

And as of February 2021, I've been enhancing my skillset some more by adding some wonderful, down-to-earth shamanic practices to the mix, studying with Langston Kahn, Audrey LaRue and Christina Pratt at Last Mask Center.

I decided to follow my calling of becoming a transformational life coach because I don't think mere rational thinking will save us, in the long run. We need to tap into the deep wisdom of our whole selves to get through the current chaotic phase on this planet.

And I think the more we are aware of our relationship to all aspects of who we are, the more we can zoom back and forth and see both the big picture and the micro details of our next best step.

I believe that once we take the time to truly get to know ourselves – body, heart, mind and soul – this self-knowledge creates a self-trust that cannot be broken. Which makes life, and relationships, a whole lot easier.

But, in my experience, we don’t get there by ourselves. Maybe that’s because we are social beings. We need someone by our side who knows how to ask the right questions. Someone who has the right kinds of transformational tools that can help us get back into alignment with ourselves.

Someone like an intuitive guide.

Someone like me.

Is this you?

My clients are truth seekers, creatives, leaders, change makers, humanitarians, peace builders, thinkers and artists.

In other words: They are the kinds of people who go on soul searches because they want to understand who they are, and because they want to actively create holistic, sustainable, positive change. They want to make peace with their own past, with the people they love, and with life on this planet – as brutal as it is, sometimes.

If that sounds like you, let's connect, e.g. on Instagram where I meditate on life, consciousness and what it means to go truth-seeking.

a few random facts…

  • I’m European, with roots in Bavaria and Berlin
  • my middle name could be “Deep Conversations”
  • I'm a queer femme and feminist
  • I'm highly sensitive, and deeply ok with that
  • and I'm a city-dweller with a deep love for nature and her seasons
Praise for Lilly

“With Lilly’s help, I discovered a variety of patterns within me which I wouldn’t have been able to get to any other way. Her methods were holistic, healing and incredibly gentle.”

- Alex B., Konstanz, Germany

My Methodology

I use a beautiful blend of transformational, holistic methods in all of my coaching sessions. Here’s a little overview of what I do:


is my clairvoyance / claircognizance at work. I use my intuitive knowing to connect you with your own inner wisdom system that you can then use as your compass on your personal evolutionary path. Your unique inner wisdom sources, for example, could be your heart’s deeper knowing, your body wisdom, a past life equipped with deep knowledge, or a Spirit Guide. I connect you to each of your sources, as they show up, and teach you how to consciously communicate with them. This way, you learn how to to systematically apply your unique intuitive wisdom to your life.


is a range of techniques that support your body, mind and energy bodies (e.g. your chakras or your emotional body) in transforming unwanted energies and releasing old emotional wounds. For example, I support your processes using energy clearings, spiritual healing tools and a kinesiology-based forgiveness practice. I apply certain mediumship techniques (e.g. to help your past lives to heal), and if necessary, I support your physical body by moving your energies with my hands and my intent. That last part looks and feels a bit like remote Reiki, but it is my own system created from years of experience that is always customised to your specific needs.


is an effective conversation method designed to leverage the hidden connections between your circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits in order to create positive, sustainable change. It lets you take on the role of a conscious creator, creating a life that is aligned with your highest values and your most soulful desires. I was trained by Dr. Martha Beck and her Master Coaches and have also incorporated inner child work, past-life regressions, mind-body coaching tools as well as somatic healing methods into my transformational way of coaching.


is an ancient body-work technique designed to help you master your everyday life with grace. Its highly effective yogic tools can help you develop physical strength, mental stamina and spiritual well-being. Kundalini Yoga gives you inner clarity and awakens higher levels of consciousness within you. I apply some of my yogic tools and meditation techniques throughout my one-on-one coaching sessions to hold a peaceful, sacred space for your transformation and to support your personal processes. My intention behind that is to give you an embodied experience of the sophisticated interplay between your body, your energy bodies, your emotions, your mind and your soul.