Lilly Mackuth

I’m Lilly Mackuth.

I am a Life Coach, an Intuitive Guide, an experienced Energy Worker and a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

I hold a Master’s degree in several disciplines of the humanities and I’ve trained with Dr. Martha Beck, with the German branch of 3HO, and with some gifted healers and highly skilled coaches who I am lucky to call my friends.

I became a coach after intensely studying the human notions of identity and self.

And I have been using my coaching approach since 2010 to help dozens of clients significantly improve their relationships with themselves and with others.

I believe that once we take the time to truly get to know ourselves – body, heart, mind and soul – this self-knowledge creates a self-trust that cannot be broken. Which makes life, and relationships, a whole lot easier. 

But: In my experience, we don’t get there by ourselves.

Maybe that’s because we are social beings: We need someone by our side who knows how to ask the right questions. Someone who has the right tools that can get us back into alignment with ourselves.

Someone like a life coach.

Someone like me. 

About You

My clients are often creative types, leaders, change makers, deep thinkers, light workers, humanitarians, teachers and advocates.

In other words: The kinds of people who go on soul searches because they want to understand who they are and because they want to create holistic, sustainable, positive change. For themselves, for the people in their lives,  and for this planet.

Does that sound like you?

Some Random Facts About me

+ I’m a German-European with a global mindset
+ an INFJ with extroverted tendencies (whose middle name might as well be “Deep Conversations”)
+ an Aquarius, Libra rising (i.e. a transformational beauty-seeker, astrologically speaking)
+ somewhere on the queer rainbow spectrum (LGBTQIA)
+ a singer and backing vocalist sometimes
+ a city-dweller with a deep love for nature and her seasons
+ and a night owl