Lilly Mackuth

I’m Lilly Mackuth.

I am a Life Coach, an Intuitive Guide, an Energy Worker, and I know a thing or two about Kundalini Yoga.

I hold a Master’s degree in several disciplines of the humanities, and I’ve trained with Dr. Martha Beck, with the German branch of 3HO, and with some gifted healers and highly skilled coaches who I am lucky to call my friends.

I became a coach after intensely studying the human notions of identity and self, and after having gone through some of the biggest identity crises in my own life.

All of my own breakdowns and breakthroughs have made me into the coach I am today.

I believe that once we take the time to truly get to know ourselves – body, heart, mind and soul – this self-knowledge creates a self-trust that cannot be broken. Which makes life a whole lot easier. 

But: In my experience, we don’t get there by ourselves.

Maybe that’s because we are social beings: We need someone by our side who knows how to ask the right questions. Someone who has the right tools that can get us back into alignment with ourselves.

Someone like a life coach.

Someone like me. 

My clients

My clients are often creative types, leaders, change makers, deep thinkers, light workers, humanitarians, teachers and advocates.

In other words: The kinds of people who go on soul searches because they want to understand who they are and because they want to create holistic, sustainable, positive change. For themselves, for their inner circle, for their social spheres, and for this planet.

Does that sound like you?

My Story

I think I started asking “who am I, who are you, and who are we, as humans?” at a very early age. I grew up as the odd one out, in many ways. I wasn’t catholic like all the other children in the Bavarian village I grew up in (and church, as an institution, felt somehow off to me, anyway). I didn’t speak the local dialect, my family didn’t have any roots in the area, either, and I felt lonely for a very long time. As a kid, I was bullied. As a teenager, I felt ashamed for being bigger than the other girls. And even though I tried my best to become a member of the in-crowd, I still felt like I didn’t belong. So I drank too much, and on Saturday nights, I regularly danced myself into a trance. (It was the 90s, and all the new electronic dance parties that were popping up everywhere made it incredibly easy to space out…)

I knew who I wasn’t, but it would take me quite some time to figure out who I was.

In my University years, I noticed that my friends always came to me in times of crisis. And that small talk wasn’t my thing. I loved the sociology classes and film seminars that let me riff on the interpersonal co-construction of someone’s identity versus the inner understanding of someone’s self – and found they were deeply interconnected, but separate. I felt at home whenever I dug deep into the more complex theories of human self-expression. And every time I found evidence for my world-view through grounded research and interdisciplinary analysis, it felt as if I was uncovering another layer of the underlying system that makes us, as humans, be who we are, and do what we do.

So I thought that maybe, University might be where I belonged, and I tried conceiving a PhD thesis for a few months. Until somebody asked me if they could pay me for my writing, and it seemed like the better alternative.

So I left academia, skipped the corporate world, and went straight into being self-employed.

My attempts to seamlessly shift from deep thinker to upbeat copy writer didn’t fully play out as planned, though, and during those first few years of freelancing, my body drifted deeper and deeper into chronic pain and exhaustion.

A friend suggested Kundalini Yoga classes. I reached my boundaries, but not my toes, at first, and yet, those ancient acrobatics did something to me. Something I couldn’t quite put into words yet. Something that helped me understand that I was more than a body, and more than a mind.

Then, another friend offered to do some energy healing for me. As she put her magical hands onto my aching spine, I felt like I was coming home to myself, and some of my pain just melted away.

And then that same healer friend helped me connect to the inner wisdom of my body. And every day, over the course of 6 months, my body showed me how it wanted to move, how it wanted to stretch, bend and shake off layers and layers of pain. Until my spine had fully healed itself, in mind-boggling ways, and my pain was gone. (Mind: still boggled by this.)

As I followed my curiosity and explored some transformational coaching modalities during that time, I suddenly, unexpectedly, connected to some of my past lives whose untold stories clicked into place with my own experiences.

Then I found more and more past life memories within me, and each one was a puzzle piece that helped me understand myself a little better. And my academically trained brain learned to trust that the information coming from my deeply intuitive mind and from my tender heart were just as reliable as any left-brained, analytical approach.

And I finally understood who I was, and what I wanted to experience in this lifetime.

Which, naturally, changed everything.

I stopped drinking. First, as an experiment. Then, because my sober life simply felt better.

I became a Kundalini Yoga teacher and gave my first classes to four of my friends in my living room. (Hello, cliché.)

I started offering private coaching Sessions to everyone who wanted to be able to understand their own inner knowing, and since 2010, I have been using my deep deciphering-skills to help my clients  find their own inner wisdom and use their own intuitive guidance.

I studied some more, following my own curriculum, in order to understand my role as an intuitive, empath, and strategic helper in times of crisis.

I paid a lot of money learning that even though the transformational work I did with my clients came natural to me, the business part of my coaching practice was a whole different story.

And I learned that the work that I offered needed clear boundaries against freeloaders, cynics and know-it-alls.

I trained with Dr. Martha Beck and her master coaches to broaden my professional horizon.

And I felt a kinship with the most inclusive, intersectional, feminist, pacifist voices of today.

So here I am. Still very much interested in the beautiful interplay between identity and self. And very much interested in supporting you as you decipher your own identity, cultivate self-trust, and use your own inner wisdom to create a life that has deep meaning, peace, fulfilment, curiosity and joy at its core.

In my private Sessions, you will figure out who you are, who you think you need to be, and who you secretly dream of being.

I love that gentle shift that happens when you can then suddenly see yourself, and the world around you, with new clarity and appreciation.

And I love that moment in a Session when you come home to yourself, full-circle, and all of your experiences and the emotional edges of your past start to form a perfectly logical shape that slowly expands before your inner eyes, and then softly crystallises into the bigger picture of who you are.

I can’t wait to see your face when that happens.

It’s the best thing ever.

Some Random Facts About me

+ I’m a German-European with a global mindset
+ an INFJ with extroverted tendencies (whose middle name might as well be “Deep Conversations”)
+ an Aquarius, Libra rising (i.e. a transformational beauty-seeker, astrologically speaking)
+ somewhere on the queer rainbow spectrum (LGBTQIA)
+ a singer and backing vocalist sometimes
+ a city-dweller with a deep love for nature and her seasons
+ and a night owl