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You are so much more than an intelligent machine.


One of the big misconceptions of our rational world is the idea that consciousness, or awareness, exists in our minds and nervous systems, only. What we’re missing out on, though, is the vast amount of conscious information that we have access to when we change our perspective, tune into our intuitive senses, and let our subtle energies, our hearts, our energy fields, our souls and our Guides & helping spirits show us what they see.

The brain was never meant to be the sole solution finder on our life's path.

Because of that misconception, we have forgotten how to care for our energies well. Which means that we often carry old energetic patterns and emotional imbalances that make life more difficult than it needs to be.

For example, we are sometimes trying to grow self-trust by half-heartedly engaging with the newest self-help trend ("change your mindset with these seven proven steps!"), even though we could ask our subtle energy body and our deeply intuitive heart to reveal their wisdom to us, directly, and learn to trust our own inner wisdom.

When we are not aware of the ways in which our energies communicate with us, we sometimes try to make heart decisions by thinking up long lists of pros and cons, even though our Guides and our souls would love to share their point of view and show us a bigger picture that would make things so much clearer.

And while we are sometimes hoping to solve our relationship troubles by engaging in endless mental acrobatics, it’s often easier to disentangle the energetic grids underneath our relationship dynamics and learn to understand our soul’s history with these patterns – a history which sometimes spans over many lifetimes and can offer fresh insights and beautiful healing opportunities.

In other words, when we ignore our inner wisdom and the clarity that’s available to us in our energy fields, it’s no wonder our nervous systems feel fried and our physical bodies are bone-tired. They were never meant to carry the whole brunt of a human life. The brain was never meant to be the sole solution finder on our life's path, and you are so much more than an intelligent machine.

That’s why my Sessions always go deep.

  1. Intuitive Guidance: First, I will guide you into your inner wisdom – i.e. we will tune into the intuitive knowing of your subtle energies, body, heart, mind and soul – so that you can see your current issue from a different perspective. And if you like, this is the part where we will also invite your Guides to share their point of view.  
  2. Energy Work: Then, we will do some practical energy work together, so that you can transform your current issue – e.g. by inviting specific energies in that can help you fulfill the emotional-energetic need that didn't get fulfilled at the time when your issue first formed, thus changing your internal story, and bringing in true closure and inner peace.
  3. Coaching: And as a third step, we do a bit of coaching together, and you learn how to integrate and apply the insights you've gathered, fill them with life, and take your next steps.

What I can help you with:

  • how to energetically align with your most soulful intentions
  • how to consciously communicate with your inner wisdom & guidance
  • how to increase your self-awareness, self-trust and self-love
  • how to collaborate with your Guides on making your journey through life more enjoyable
  • how to clarify and transform a persistent relationship pattern (of any kind) that feels weird or off, somehow
  • how to find peace, regarding a relationship of any kind that is ending, or that has ended (including cases where the other person is no longer alive)
  • and how to heal from heartbreak and build a new & improved relationship with love (romantic, platonic, familial – you name it)
Praise for Lilly

“With Lilly’s help, I was able to look into the energetic cause of a deep-seated conflict. I got very clear images that explained what was going on between that person and me. These insights completely changed my perspective, and Lilly’s energy work brought peace into this uncomfortable situation.”

- Anne M., Berlin, Germany

Session Options

Intro Consultation

The First Step: An Intro Consultation

  • a sample session, for new clients only, held via Zoom
  • let's get to know each other before we dive deeper
  • this is a proper, 45-minute session to give you a preview of my work
  • you will gain fresh insights and experience my transformational coaching style, first hand
  • we will also do 15 minutes of strategy talk, and I will answer your questions
  • and if you and I click, we will discuss next steps and your long-term plans
  • held in English, oder auf Deutsch
  • your contribution: € 75

The Classic: A 90-Minute Session

  • 1 customised, confidential, 90-minute session (via Zoom)
  • designed to create significant insights and clarity for you as I help you connect with your inner wisdom
  • also available as part of a session package (see below)
  • I will systematically support you with my intuitive guidance, with energy work and with customised coaching tools, all tailored to you
  • held in English, oder auf Deutsch
  • your contribution: € 125
Soul Messages 2024

The Sweet Mystery: Soul Messages

  • 1 customised, confidential, 45-minute live session (via Zoom)
  • you pose a question, and I will use oracle cards and my intuitive wisdom to deliver soul messages & answers to your question
  • additionally, I will also channel my Guides and I translate their loving insights for you to help you gain even more clarity
  • if you're unsure about the wording of your question, let me know: I'm happy to assist
  • held in English, oder auf Deutsch
  • your contribution: € 75
4-Session Package

The Deep Dive: A 4-Session Package

  • 4 customised, confidential, 90-minute sessions (via Zoom)
  • designed to be a transformational deep dive, facilitating profound clearings & major shifts for you, aided by your inner wisdom
  • I will systematically support you with my intuitive guidance, with energy work and with customised coaching tools, all tailored to you
  • held in English, oder auf Deutsch
  • your contribution: € 440
Praise for Lilly

“I had done some forgiveness work in the past, but Lilly helped me identify other issues I was unaware of and achieve a deeper level of forgiveness than I was able to on my own. The clearing I achieved working with her was amazing – deep, major shifts happened quickly but there was much laughter and lightness to offset the intensity.”

- Susan W., Illinois, USA