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You are so much more than an intelligent machine.


One of the big misconceptions of our rational world is that we assign consciousness, or awareness, to our minds and nervous systems, only. What we’re missing out on, though, is the vast amount of conscious information that we have access to when we change our perspective and let our bodies, our hearts and our souls show us what they see. (And yes, your soul is a real, unique, living thing, not just a belief construct, or a thought experiment.)

It’s only logical that our sense of self and our relationships with others are suffering from that misconception, too.

We are trying to create self-trust by half-heartedly flipping through the newest self-help book, while our subtle energies and our deeply intuitive hearts are trying to communicate their wisdom to us, directly.

We are trying to make decisions via lists of pros and cons, ignoring our Guides and our souls who would love to share their point of view and show us a bigger picture.

And we want to solve the difficulties in our relationships by engaging in endless discussions and mental acrobatics, even though it might be easier to disentangle the energetic grids of these connections and learn to understand the soul histories we have with the other person – histories which often span over many lifetimes and can offer fresh insights and beautiful healing opportunities.

So, no wonder our nervous systems feel fried and our physical bodies are bone-tired. They were never meant to carry the whole brunt of a human life. The brain was never meant to be the sole solution finder in times of crisis, and your body is so much more than an intelligent machine.

That’s why my Coaching Sessions are holistic experiences.

  1. Intuitive Guidance: First, I will guide you into your Inner Wisdom System – i.e. the intuitive knowing of your body, heart, mind and soul – so it can reveal its perspective on the energetic origin of your current issue.
  2. Energy Work: Then, we do some effective energy work together, so that the energetic origin of your current issue can transform and heal.
  3. Coaching: And as a third step, I teach you how to use your Inner Wisdom System strategically, purposefully, consistently, to create a new reality for yourself.

What I can help you with:

  • how to heal from heartbreak, loss, relationship trauma or intergenerational conflict
  • how to peacefully release a relationship that no longer works for you
  • how to enhance and deepen a relationship (romantic, or other)
  • how to increase self-awareness, self-trust and self-love
  • how to understand your big vision in a new way, and bring it to life
  • and how to use your energies, your intuition and your inner guidance, wisely
Praise for Lilly

“With Lilly’s help, I was able to look into the energetic cause of a deep-seated conflict. I got very clear images that explained what was going on between that person and me. These insights completely changed my perspective, and Lilly’s energy work brought peace into this uncomfortable situation.”

- Anne M., Berlin, Germany

Coaching Options

90-Minute Session

90-Minute Session

  • 1 customised, confidential, 90-minute online Session
  • i.e. the single unit my Session Packages are made of (see below)
  • I will systematically support you with my intuitive guidance, with energy work and with customised coaching tools, as needed
  • also available as a single Session when you need a little pick-me-up
  • held in English, oder auf Deutsch
  • your contribution: € 150
4-Session Package

4-Session Package

  • 4 customised, confidential, 90-minute online Sessions, held over the course of 12 weeks
  • designed to help you clear a pattern that is not working for you any more, while also facilitating your deep understanding of who you are, as your most interesting self
  • I will systematically support you with my intuitive guidance, with energy work and with customised coaching tools, as needed
  • also available as one third of a 12-Session cycle (see below)
  • held in English, oder auf Deutsch
  • your contribution: € 500
Oracle Reading 2020

Oracle Reading

  • 1 customised, confidential, 30-minute online reading in which I will use oracle cards as my divination tool
  • designed to help you gain clarity regarding one (!) question in your life
  • I will channel messages through my intuitive skills, while also helping you to understand the messages that may be coming to you via your own Inner Wisdom System
  • held in English, oder auf Deutsch
  • your contribution: € 50
Inner Wisdom System - Square v2

Your Inner Wisdom System: A 12-Session Cycle

  • 12 Sessions for you to deeply transform and resolve a personal issue and learn how to skilfully use your own unique Inner Wisdom System, at the same time
  • experience your intuitive senses, your subtle energies, your Guides, and your soul's inner whispers
  • and demystify your personal history to create a new & grounded sense of self
Praise for Lilly

“I had done some forgiveness work in the past, but Lilly helped me identify other issues I was unaware of and achieve a deeper level of forgiveness than I was able to on my own. The clearing I achieved working with her was amazing – deep, major shifts happened quickly but there was much laughter and lightness to offset the intensity.”

- Susan W., Illinois, USA