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Your subtle energies all hold valuable information.

Living a human life on this planet is not easy. And in my experience, that's because we can be a bit blind to ourselves. I think we all need someone by our side who has the right kinds of questions and the right kinds of transformational tools to help us see things clearly. I could be such a someone for you.

Here's my approach: Your intuitive inklings and subtle energies all hold valuable information that can help you understand your blind spots and see your life with new eyes. So, my holistic approach to Energy Work & Life Coaching is designed to support you in uncovering those pieces of information that are most helpful for you, right now. And I'm here to help validate your own intuitive perceptions.

My work is deeply analytical, and highly intuitive. Each of my private, customised Sessions is held in safe & sacred space so you can tune into your inner knowing, clearly receive its messages, and apply them to heal your relationship patterns (of any kind, past & present) as well as the relationship you have with yourself & with your inner world.

I'm also specialised in helping you see the energetic patterns underneath your current issues – so you can clear those energies that don’t harmonise with your most soulful intentions.

Additionally, I can also teach you how to strategically use your unique Inner Wisdom System on your own, which includes your intuitive gifts and your personal access to your own team of Guides & helping spirits.

I like to keep things simple, so my website is rather minimalist. What you’ll find here are my services, a blog section, and an easy way for you to book an introductory consultation with me. And if you and I click during that first conversation, we’ll discuss next steps.

“Lilly gets it. She can see what you can’t express. She is totally on your team.” - Nicole Boehme, NYC


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