Lilly Mackuth

Imagine you could travel through time and space, go hundreds of years back, and walk through an open-air market in an ancient asian civilisation. It is midday, the sun is burning, the big square is a wide and dusty space filled with light and colours, and unfamiliar fragrances are wafting through the air.

As you’re slowly wandering past the first few rows of stalls, you see the beautiful goods people are selling: Heaps of spices, mountains of delicious fruit, an array of ceramics. Round loafs of bread and big earthen jugs filled with oil. Fabrics glowing in the sun, each more beautiful than the next. Vendors are pitching their goods, customers are laughing and chatting with their friends, and children are playing hide and seek between the wooden racks.

As you wander past some of the spice offerings, you make out a simple little tent that’s tucked in between two stalls. Wrapped in silk veils, it is shielded from the hustle and bustle of what’s going on around it.

As you peek inside, you see a woman sitting at a small table on the floor. She has a stack of cards in front of her, and she smiles at you. The dusty floor is covered with a thick rug, and there’s a free cushion waiting for you to sit down.

She’s a life counsellor, a seer, a medium.

Whatever your question, she will help you find answers.

Her words will invoke your own inner wisdom.

Her guidance will help you make sense of your life.

As your eyes adjust to the interior, you notice the soft light, shimmering with the colours of the veils. There’s incense burning somewhere. The canopy provides some shade from the heat of the day.

You enter, close the veils behind you, and you sit down at the table, across from her. She offers you a cup of water, and as you settle in, she starts shuffling her cards.

“Welcome, gorgeous. What would be your question?”, she asks.

And so it begins.

… … …

Hi, I am Lilly.

The woman sitting at the small table was me. Is me. We share a soul. She was one of my past lives.

And I still do what she did: I help you find answers. Though I hardly ever shuffle cards any more. Now, I call my work…

Energy Work.

Intuitive Guidance.

Emotional Healing.

Her simple card readings have expanded within me. I use my gifts to call in past lives, inner children and Spirit Guides. And their wisdom, which is also yours, helps you make sense of it all.

That market with all those beautiful goods has become much bigger. It’s a global hustle and bustle now, and the Internet is the dusty open square where it all happens.

My tent is right here, in this little corner, open for you to come in and sit down with me and have a quiet, intimate conversation, shielded from the heat of your daily life.

Welcome, gorgeous. What would be your question?