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A neutral heart // Herzensneutral

Let’s try something: From time to time, I’ll tune in with the Guides and ask them to share some inspiring messages. In particular, I will ask them to shine a light on those fields where intuition & relationships meet: How can our intuitive wisdom help enhance our relationships? And also, what does a healthy relationship with our intuition look like? Hope you’ll enjoy, and thank you for reading along! 

Today’s message – use what resonates, leave the rest:

“The heart has a sensory perception that is different from emotion, and it’s not just a physical sensation either, it’s something else. That inner feeling is a guiding mechanism for many. So, it’s good to train yourself to feel into this mechanism from time to time and to ask for guidance there. It can tell you whether something feels like peace or not, and this is not an emotion, it’s a neutral thing. This is heart intelligence. It’s very subtle and very wise. “Neutral” is positive here, it means “it’s all good”. This is not an emotion – more like a guiding principle, or an inner knowing. It’s an equilibrium consciousness that works like a spirit level, and when it’s off, you can feel that, deeply. Trust that feeling. What question arises in you when you feel it?”

– The Guides

A bit of background info:

The neutrality this message talks about is an inner peace that’s hard to describe if you’ve never felt it. To me, it basically means that I can feel when I’m at peace with the world. When I’m aware of who I am, and when I know, from that place of clarity, how I want to interact with the world, then I can feel that kind of peace. That’s the kind of heart desire that this message is about: The heart longs to feel that type of inner equilibrium. And as long as you don’t feel that, the heart will keep sending you signals to help guide you towards it. 

Ich probier mal was aus: In der nächsten Zeit werde ich mich immer mal wieder mit den Guides verbinden und sie um ein paar inspirierende Messages bitten. Konkret soll es dabei um den Bereich gehen, wo sich Intuition & Beziehungsthemen treffen: Wie kann uns die Intuition dabei helfen, unser Beziehungsleben zu verschönern? Und wie sieht eigentlich eine gesunde Beziehung zur Intuition aus? Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Die heutige Message – nimm das mit, was Dich anspricht, und ignorier den Rest:

“Das Herz kennt ein sensorisches Empfinden, das weder Emotion noch reines Körpergefühl ist, sondern noch etwas anderes. Dieses innere Gefühl ist ein Leit-Mechanismus für viele Menschen. Es ist also eine gute Übung, diesen inneren Herzens-Mechanismus ab und zu bewusst zu spüren und dort um Guidance zu bitten. Er kann Dir sagen, ob sich etwas nach Frieden anfühlt, oder eben nicht, und da geht es nicht um eine Emotion, sondern um etwas sehr neutrales. Was Du da fühlst, ist Herzens-Intelligenz. Sie ist sehr subtil, und sehr weise. “Neutral” ist hier was Gutes – etwas, das bedeutet: “Alles in Ordnung.” Das ist keine Emotion, sondern mehr sowas wie eine Leitlinie, oder ein inneres Wissen. Es ist ein inneres Bewusstsein über Dein Equilibrium, das wie eine Wasserwaage funktioniert, und sobald Dein Herz nicht in diesem neutralen Frieden ist, spürst Du das deutlich. Vertrau diesem Gefühl. Welche Frage kommt in Dir auf, wenn Du das fühlst?”

– Die Guides

Ein bisschen Hintergrund-Info dazu:

Die Neutralität, von der hier gesprochen wird, ist ein Gefühl, das sich nach einer inneren Ruhe anfühlt, die schwer zu beschreiben ist, wenn man sie noch nie gefühlt hat. Für mich bedeutet sie, dass ich spüren kann, wenn ich mit mir und mit der Welt im Frieden bin: Wenn ich mir im Klaren darüber bin, wer ich bin, und aus dieser Klarheit heraus verstehe, wie ich mit der Welt interagieren möchte, dann bin ich in dieser Ruhe. Und dieses Gefühl ist der Herzens-Wunsch, um den es hier geht: Nach dieser inneren Ausgeglichenheit sucht das Herz. Und solange sie nicht da ist, gibt das Herz Signale, die uns dorthin leiten können. 

My take on boundaries

Over the past few months, there’s one particular theme that has been showing up in many of my Sessions: Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. So, I thought I’d write an info-post today and let you know where to look if you’re wondering whether your boundaries have any holes in them, so to speak.  

In every type of relationship field, keeping your boundaries healthy and strong is vital to keeping those relationships fun – both in your private life, and at work. And there are a few clear signs that can point you to the areas where those boundaries in your relationship fields may be less than good. 

Let me give you some examples to show you what I mean when I talk about boundaries that are less-than-fully-intact – and as you read along, “take the quiz”, if you like, and see if any of these issues ring a bell.

What boundary issues can look like: 

  • Other people’s problems tend to get washed into your energetic space, and you are busy cleaning up after those problems, even though they are not yours
  • You can feel other people’s emotions and states of mind as if they were your own, and this experience exhausts you
  • Some people seem to be throwing all kinds of energetic “darts” at you, and you tend to spend a lot of energy trying to protect yourself from those attacks (e.g. you feel the need to retreat more often than what would feel normal for you; or, when you are in a meeting with these kinds of people, much of your mental bandwidth is spent trying hard not to show any signs of weakness so you won’t get attacked) 
  • Your conversations with someone you’re close to seem to be not-quite-honest and you’re having a hard time talking about your actual needs & desires with the other person, even though you like them a lot
  • You keep noticing that you’re living out your parents’ values in certain areas of your life, even though those values don’t actually match yours
  • When you’re at a family function, you are having difficulties being yourself, and instead, you keep falling back into old behavioural patterns you’ve been meaning to release
  • When trying to explore certain relationship issues, your intuition seems to be blocked, and you are not receiving any clear guidance when it comes to those issues
  • There is a certain group of relationships in your life (e.g. friendships, siblings) that seem to be under the (negative) influence of a certain person, and their influence seems to trigger certain conflict dynamics within the group that create an unusual amount of stress between you
  • You keep sliding into conflict with someone (e.g. at work) even though the “official rules” that exist for that kind of relationship should foster more of a peaceful co-existence

None of these “symptoms” are unusual, and I made this list drawing from my clients’ experiences as well as from my personal life. Because those issues are very common. 

And they are all resolvable. 

One very elegant solution for these kinds of issues is to work on your energies. Setting up your boundaries in an energetic way, then testing them by observing the real-life results they create, and then improving them based on those results – if needed – can help you transform those issues, sustainably.

And this energetic solution is often much more effective in creating good boundaries than conversations (alone) would be.  

So if my list, above, feels familiar, and you would like to work on your boundaries, let’s schedule a Session or two (or, book yourself an Intro Consultation, here, if this is your first time working with me).

And then let’s set up some beautiful new boundary energies for you. 

This is why I work with Guides

A few days ago, I asked the Guides for some input for my newsletter, so I pulled some Oracle Cards because that’s often a quick way for me to receive guidance. The funny thing was, I pulled the same card, twice – so apparently, its message seems to be particularly important, right now. Here’s what that card said: “No to resentment, yes to inspiration” (drawn from Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb deck – which, sadly, is out of print).

And to go with that card, the Guides showed me this image: 

Imagine there’s an artist, in her studio. She is looking at her easel, and she just realised that she doesn’t know how to proceed with the painting that’s in front of her – so, one option would be to just give up, of course. Or, she could try to find a new point of view and let some fresh inspiration in: She could turn her painting upside down. Or, she could take a photo of her painting to be able to see it from a more neutral point of view. Or, she could turn all the lights down in her studio and look at only the contours of the shapes on her painting, but not the colours. 

With the help of any of these methods, she will get to see her painting “with a fresh pair of eyes”, so to speak, which will help her to understand what it is that her painting might need to evolve – in a harmonious way – and become the thing it wants to become. 

That same technique can be used to work on any aspect of life: When you are open to looking at life from a non-ordinary perspective, and see things from a different angle, you will receive new inspiration to help you understand what it is that your life might need to evolve – in a harmonious way – and become the thing it wants to become.   

I tend to apply this technique by asking my Guides for help.

I pose simple questions, like “What am I not seeing, right now?” or “What do you think I should know about this issue? Where are my blind spots?” – and then, the Guides give me intuitive images and send some fresh new insights my way, which then help me to better understand my life and find new inspiration.   

In many of my Sessions, the Guides and I work together in this exact same way:

For example, when you come to me* for an Oracle Reading and pose your question, the card I pull for you is my entry point into starting a dialogue with my intuition – meaning, I start channelling what the Guides would like you to know, as an answer to your question. Usually, those answers come flowing quickly, like a waterfall, and after just a few minutes, the basic info is out. After that first part, the Guides then usually show me how you can apply the info you received in your Oracle Reading to your life, and I help you to make sense of it all. And after just 45 minutes, we’re all done.  

In my “big” Sessions, I collaborate with the Guides in a slightly different way: You get to experience, yourself, what your intuition and the Guides would like you to know.

In other words, at the beginning of a 90-Minute Session, you describe the issue you would like to work on, and then I help you to tune into your own intuition. This is where you will start to see inner images which the Guides are sending you, so you can see your situation “with a fresh pair of eyes”.

For example, the Guides can show you which of your inner children needs help if they don’t know how to deal with your current situation (yet). 

Or, the Guides can show you whether there’s a past life connected to you who is still stuck in an old emotional pattern, and who would like to find their way back to peace and freedom. 

Or, the Guides can send you images that can show you your issue like an inner landscape which you can “read” and understand, and which can show you what you might need to change in order to find a solution to your problem.  

It’s my job to help you receive those images and that kind of information through your own intuitive channels. And it’s also my job to help you understand how you can use that information and energetically apply it, so that your life can become more harmonious. 

Would like to try one of these options?

This is where you can book yourself an Oracle Reading (45 minutes, 50 Euros), and this is where you can schedule an Intro Consultation, which is basically a full trial Session, and which is open to anyone who has never worked with me before (overall cost: 75 Euros). 

My online calendar will safely guide you through your booking process, and appointments are now available for October, November, and December. 

I look forward to working with you!

*P.S.: At the moment, you can come and have your Sessions either live with me, here in Konstanz, or online, via Zoom. If you choose to come see me in person, please bring an FFP2 mask, since Covid infections are currently on the rise again.

Thank you!

Some small changes

I should be used to it by now: Every summer, I try to take a few days off – like any normal human being. And then, my muse comes for a visit, carrying a hole basket full of new ideas for my Coaching business. Demanding I sit down with her and take a look at those ideas with her, right away. 

This year, her ideas will mostly influence my internal processes, but there’s one that will be visible from the outside, too: My Intro Conversations will only be free for the remainder of August. After that, my sample Session will no longer be gratis. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about working with me, now is your time: If you book before August 31, your first Session with me will be free. My specialties: Relationship themes you would like to get clarity on – emotionally, energetically – which naturally includes the relationship you have with yourself. I look forward to diving into those depths with you!

To book your Intro Conversation, contact me here.

And now, I’ll give this relaxation thing another go. 

Time and space are irrelevant.

Energy Work works across time and space.

You can send forgiveness across generations.

You can send healing energies back through time and help your past lives find peace. (Which, in turn, will make your present self feel better.)

You can receive detailed visions from your future self and see who you could become.

You can tune into the energetics of your relationships and let your inner senses show you how to heal and transform those connections.

Your consciousness can do all of that for you. And more.

Contact me if that sounds interesting.