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Something to look forward to

You’re not lost, you just may not know what you’re looking for.

Join me on Thursday, July 4, for some channeled guidance & deep relaxation, and let’s come together in spirit space for a virtual energy bath.

Re-fill your inner reservoirs, and your deep joy.  

For more details and a sign-up link, click here.

I look forward to seeing you! And if you can’t be there, live, I’ll send you the audio recording, after.

P.S.: Registration closes on Tuesday, July 2, at 6:00 pm, Germany time (that’s 12 noon, Eastern) – sign up here.


In my view, we cannot know which steps to take if we don't combine the brilliance of our analytical minds with the clarity that is available to us at an energetic & intuitive level. My sessions will help you to experience that clarity, so you can find your next steps with ease and enjoy walking your path.

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