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Bathing in Energy

Bathing in Energy v2

Bathing in Energy is a ritualised group offer for those who want to experience togetherness and a moment of peace & calm, once a month. For 30 minutes each, I will take you on a guided inner journey and invite you to join me as we gather around a virtual pool of water. Through the magic of energy work, I will then infuse our virtual pool with a specific energy cocktail that will feel timely, refreshing, regenerative, energising, cosy, and sacred. As these energies merge with the water, you may dip your toes into the pool, or immerse yourself completely. It’s up to you how deep you would like to go.

The bath and its energies will have messages for you, which I will translate into spoken words. All you need to do is to simply receive them.

Once you’ve experienced your energy bath, we will then come together around a virtual campfire to dry off, and we will ask the elements of water, fire, earth and air to help us integrate the energies we just experienced.

And to finish, you will have some time to enjoy a moment of silence, and to then share your experiences with the group if you so choose.   

Each gathering will be customised to the people present, and no energy bath will feel like the next.

My Guides invited me to create this experience for us – because, they say, our daily human lives tend to be overly flooded by collective energies we normally would not choose, as individuals: More often than not, we’re swimming in streams of time-pressure, capitalist stress, unhealed trauma, aggression, or dread. And the Guides are saying that from time to time, it is good to step out of those energy streams, and to consciously bathe in energies that feel nourishing, instead: Energies like inner peace, groundedness, togetherness, spiritual expansiveness, or joy.

At the beginning of our journey, I will tune in with the current needs of the group, and I will then channel the energies that would most like to support us that day, into our gathering space.

Expect this to be a meditative ritual that will feel softening, uplifting, refreshing and grounding. 

To keep things intimate and well rounded, spaces will be limited to 12 participants, per gathering.

An audio recording will be provided for all paying participants, so you can repeat your energy bath experience as often as you like – and previous participants report how much they love listening to it at night, just before they go to sleep.

Before we meet for our ritual, please prepare a small bowl of water, a candle, and an additional offering you wish to give to nature's elements as a thank-you for their support (e.g. flowers, chocolate, fruit, or incense). Bring whatever feels festive and beautiful to you.

With the exception of August, all gatherings will be held monthly, via Zoom (see timetable, below).

The first Thursday of the month, I will lead our group experience in English, and on the third Thursday, I will do our gathering in my mother tongue, German. We start at 6.30 pm, Germany time (and as you book your spot, this will be converted to your timezone).

Please note that this offering is not a replacement for medical treatment nor for therapeutic support. It is designed to be an energetic happening that’s purely experiential.

The short version:

  • A 30-minute guided inner journey, lead by me
  • Experience being immersed in a virtual energy bath that’s customised to the group
  • Receive channeled messages from the energies present
  • Infuse your system with peacefulness and calm
  • And viscerally "get" the ways in which you are supported by the elements
  • Experience being part of something bigger you don’t need to hold, yourself
  • And connect with other like-hearted people in a safe and sacred space, outside of your day-to-day responsibilities
  • Bonus: 15 to 30 minutes of sharing or Q&A (optional)

"The beauty of energy work lies in its power to help us fill up on those energies we do not easily come across, in our daily lives. Bathing in Energy is my offering to all of you who would like to have one moment a month to just relax into an energy cocktail that’s supportive, sacred and sweet."

- Lilly Mackuth

How does energy work?

Energy work is a modern name for the ancient healing arts that used to be practised in every culture around the globe. Even in our modern world, traces of these practices are still present – for example, when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake and make a wish, we are basically asking the elements of fire and air to help make our dreams a reality.

Bathing in Energy goes a little further. We will consciously ask the elements to help replenish our inner reservoir with energies we might not have been in the presence of, for a while.

It’s a transformational experience of re-filling your inner cup, so to speak, so you can feel whole, as a person. It’s a journey into your most sacred self. And a ritual of self-love.

Our Timetable for 2024


  • Thursday, May 16: Auf Deutsch


  • Thursday, June 6: In English
  • Thursday, June 20: Auf Deutsch


  • Thursday, July 4: In English
  • Thursday, July 18: Auf Deutsch


  • Thursday, September 5: In English
  • Thursday, September 19: Auf Deutsch


  • Thursday, October 3: In English
  • Thursday, October 17: Auf Deutsch


  • Thursday, November 7: In English
  • Thursday, November 21: Auf Deutsch


  • Thursday, December 5: In English
  • Thursday, December 19: Auf Deutsch
Praise for Lilly

“Ah, that was nice! I didn't even need to go into deep meditation to experience it all. For some reason, I just went there without much effort, and I could feel those energies doing their thing. Thank you, Lilly!”

- Anne K., Stuttgart


  1. What will we be working on? What is this for? Bathing in Energy is just that – we will be bathing in energy. We will not talk about our daily lives, and we will not dump our current frustrations into the group container. We will simply meet to fill up on fresh energies that feel nourishing and good. This is not a toxic positivity thing, though. It’s a transformational experience designed to help you recognise wholeness, when you see it, and to learn to hold it, within yourself, more and more.
  2. How does this group thing work? Where do we meet? For each of our gatherings, you sign up on my online calendar, and we will meet live, on Zoom, via video call. All gatherings will be private, confidential, and customised to the group’s needs. Also, all of our calls will be recorded, and made available to paying participants – also to those who cannot attend live. Please do not share these recordings with anyone. They are just for you.
  3. How much is it, per person, per gathering? Each instalment of Bathing in Energy is 25 €  (about 28 US $) per person. 10 % of proceeds will be donated to an environmental protection cause.
  4. Why can’t I download this process somewhere, and do it offline? Because processes like these create a more satisfying ritual when we gather as a group. The Guides are inviting us to come together, and to have positive group experiences at a time when we rarely get to have those, outside of sacred space.
  5. What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here? The Who, What, Why, How, Where, and When have all been answered here. If you’re still not sure if this group thing is right for you, I would recommend sleeping on it for a few nights. And if you keep coming back to this page with curiosity, and with a certain feeling of “this might feel nice, actually”, give it a go.
  6. What’s the refund policy for this service? Due to the highly transformational nature of my work, I cannot offer any refunds. Thank you for understanding.
  7. What are the biggest benefits of this group thing? And how is this different from your other services? In Bathing in Energy, you will experience my energy work tools in an informal community setting that won’t ask you to share anything about your current personal processes, if you’d rather not. It’s a service designed to regenerate your system by giving you the opportunity to dive into a pool of supportive energies, as a member of a group, rather than working with me, one-on-one. You will experience the mystical, loving power of the elements, and feel transformation happening at an energetic level you may not have words for.
  8. Why are you offering this now? Because I can see how the constant state of stress, chaos and confusion that we are all in right now is making it quite difficult to navigate this world. There are many great coaching programs out there, and many brilliant energy tools and transformational experiences that can help you receive proper support from the subtle realms for these times – which, in my opinion, is what we all need to get through this current phase, as a humanity. Bathing in Energy is one of my contributions.