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Re-energize your system


Here’s a short (8 minute) energy meditation you can use if you’d like to gently re-energize your system. In this meditation, I support you in tuning into your body, first, then into your line of light, second, and in a third step, you and I will do a bit of Energy Work together. We’re inviting the Earth to fill you up on love, care, and sweetness, and we’re asking your soul to help you download some freshness, inspiration and clarity.

To listen, click on the play button in the video, above.


P.S.: If you’d like to add this meditation to your personal collection, click on this Dropbox link and download will begin immediately.


Re-Energize Your System: An Energy Meditation
©️ Lilly Mackuth, 2020
Content & Voice: Lilly Mackuth
Sound editing: Julia Fröhlich


We cannot solve today's problems without using our intuitive wisdom. Your unique #innerwisdomsystem always knows what to do – and I can help you tune into it.  My coaching Sessions go deep. They include Energy Work as well as lots of Intuitive Guidance. My specialties: Helping you heal your relationship life, your soul life, or your relationship with yourself. 

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