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How to release those fears that aren’t yours

I surprised myself the other day when I went live on Instagram for the first time – ever – and it turned out to be quite fun! Here’s the video, and there are a few more on my Instagram feed for your viewing pleasure.

In this guided energy work meditation, we are going to work with your subtle energies to release some fears that are inauthentic to your system. And in a second step, we are going to release some fears that others may have deliberately instilled in you.

To watch the video, click the play button on the image, above. Please forgive the abrupt beginning – there was a technical glitch there, but I still wanted to share the video here.

Intro – 00:00 to 08:54

Meditation – 08.55 to 27.07

Outro – 27.08 to 30.58


Release those fears that aren’t yours: An Energy Meditation
©️ Lilly Mackuth, 2020


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