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Do you know that feeling of drying yourself off after coming out of a hot spring – and you feel so soft & good & nourished & well? Or when you’ve just stepped out of a really good Yoga class – and you feel all uplifted & energised? Or when you’ve just witnessed a beautiful ceremony of love (a wedding, say) – and you feel all connected to life & full of goodness? 

This is what Bathing in Energy – my newest group offer – will have you feel. If you’d like to let yourself be held by love, and gift your senses a 30-minute experience of deep peace & calm, this is for you.

I will take you on a guided inner journey & you will find yourself floating in a bath made of nourishing, refreshing, and relaxing energies.

Our next Bathing in Energy event (held in English) will happen this coming week, and I would love to have you! It’s an intimate setting (no more than 12 participants), and you will be in good company. Bring a friend, if you’d like to make it even sweeter!

We will meet on Thursday, June 6, at 6.30 pm Germany time (that’s 12.30 pm, Eastern), via Zoom. You can leave your camera off, if you prefer. I will (only) record our journey and send you the audio, after, so you can repeat your experience as often as you like. (In other words: Anything personal we might share during our event will remain private.) 

Your contribution: 25 € (about 28 $) – 10 % of which will be donated to an environmental protection cause. 

Book by Tuesday, 6 pm Germany time (12 noon Eastern) to secure your spot. 

Here’s the booking link, and if you need more info, first, read this.

And if you have any questions beforehand, let me know. 

I look forward to seeing you there on Thursday!


In my view, we cannot know which steps to take if we don't combine the brilliance of our analytical minds with the clarity that is available to us at an energetic & intuitive level. My sessions will help you to experience that clarity, so you can find your next steps with ease and enjoy walking your path.

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