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Are we all clairvoyant?

Years ago, when I was working with a spiritual healer for the first time, I was so envious of the ways in which she talked to her Guides. She literally saw them sitting in a circle around her, and it was so easy for her to receive their messages.

My healer at the time was highly clairvoyant, meaning: The easiest way for her to connect with her Guides / her soul is to see images in her third eye. She receives meaningful images there, and her third eye is basically her intuitive news channel.

And I so wanted to see those images, too! But every time I tried to connect with my Guides / my soul through my third eye – I didn’t see a thing. No images, no news.

Until I noticed that there was a different channel I could use that was working just fine: My “claircognizance” – clear knowing. Which often works non-verbally, and which isn’t as image-rich as clairvoyance.

In other words: I had been so fixated on testing out my third eye that I had ignored my easiest access to my inner wisdom – because I didn’t know that my intuition could speak to me in that way. And all of a sudden, I could perfectly “hear” my Guides and my soul, and things got really interesting, really quick.

Do we all have access to our intuitive wisdom?


Are we all clairvoyant?

To a degree.

But: Everybody’s intuitive channels work differently.

So your third eye might not be your strongest option.

From my work with my clients I can safely say that everybody’s access to their intuition is as personal as our fingerprints, and it pays off to explore the ways in which your inner voice is speaking to you – and don’t be surprised if your inner voice is no voice at all, but rather an inner download, or a physical sensation that carries meaning, for example.

Here’s an offer for you if you’d like to explore your own intuitive channels:

My private, customised, 12-Session one-on-one program called “Your Inner Wisdom System” is going into its second year.

In three rounds of 4 Sessions each, you and I will take the time to have a look at that one issue that has been bothering you for quite some time – and as we go, you will learn how to communicate with your Guides, how to understand your soul, how to use your intuitive channels, how to ask your future self for guidance, and how to ground yourself as well as how to hold your energetic boundaries. We will dive deep into the energetic causes of that specific issue you would like to transform, and together, we will work to find a sustainable solution. And once we’re through with those 12 Sessions, you will be the prod owner of a beautiful collection of spiritual tools which you will be able to use in any situation – consciously, and purposefully.

The issues we can use as your entry point to your personal Inner Wisdom System program are any and all issues that have to do with relationships, meaning:

  • Your relationship with yourself and with your soul
  • Your relationships with other people (romantic ones, platonic ones, familial ones, or professional ones), or
  • You relationship with your big vision and your future.

We will find sustainable solutions for your issue, and at the same time, you will truly get to know all the facets of who you are and what your inner wisdom is – including your personal access to “your team”, i.e. those Guides that are here to support you, personally.

If you feel that my Inner Wisdom System program speaks to you, contact me through my website or via e-mail, and I will send you an invitation to my online scheduling system where you will be able to schedule yourself a free, non-binding Intro Conversation via Zoom with me.

In this first conversation, we will look into your issue right away, and you will get a first taste of what my program can do for you. And if you like my hors d’œuvre, we’ll discuss the whole menu.

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We cannot solve today's problems if we don't combine the brilliance of our analytical minds with the depths of our intuitive wisdom. Your unique Inner Wisdom System always knows what to do – and I can help you tune into it. In my customised Sessions, you and I will also ask your energies and your team of Guides to help us get to the bottom of things. My specialties: Helping you heal your relationship life, your soul life, and your relationship with yourself. 

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