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Your Inner Wisdom System

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Welcome to Your Inner Wisdom System!

This is my 12-session cycle designed to support you in working through – and resolving – a personal issue, using intuitive guidance, energy work and coaching modalities as our main tools. Together, we will deeply demystify your current issue, and on this quest, you will also learn how to skilfully apply your own, unique inner wisdom system, so you can consistently move yourself up the spiral of your personal evolution .

In other words, in my sessions, your transformational processes always go hand in hand with your spiritual evolution.

When you and I start to work on a personal issue for you – e.g. when we unscramble a relationship pattern and its inherent emotional-energetic imbalances, or clarify your truest vision and enhance your decision-making strategies as we go – that process will always bring you closer to yourself, by unveiling the different layers and complexities which a big issue like that naturally holds.

And the beauty of doing your inner work is that it will not only help you resolve your current issue, but that it will also reveal many of your intuitive gifts to you, at the same time.

You will learn to understand some of life's most beautiful mysteries, and you will deeply get to know the many elements that make up your unique inner wisdom system: You will personally experience your intuitive senses, your subtle energy bodies, your past selves and your future self, your soul’s inner structure, your unique spiritual gifts, your guides, and more.

Working with me, you will learn how to...

  • tune into your intuitive senses and access your inner wisdom & guidance,
  • understand and heal your past, which will help you form a new, grounded sense of self,
  • hold and strengthen your energetic boundaries, in all of your personal and professional relationship fields,
  • receive eye-opening insights from your guides, angels and healing beings,
  • communicate with your future self and download her vision for you,
  • engage with your soul’s unique set-up and understand your gifts and your calling in this lifetime,
  • create energizing self-care rituals that are anchored in your personal daily & weekly rhythms,
  • and use your inner wisdom consistently, so that you can make all of your decisions from a place of self-knowing and integrity.

Thank you for your trust in my work and in me.

I look forward to supporting your transformational process, and to introducing you to all of the elements that make up your inner wisdom system!

- Lilly Mackuth

Why 12 Sessions?

The goal of my work is to help you deconstruct the energetic patterns that are no longer working for you, and to facilitate your deep understanding of who you are. The more you disentangle those threads that make up your life, the more you will get to know and love yourself.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that per (big) issue, one full cycle of this process usually takes about 12 sessions:

  • We start with a package of four 90-minute Sessions, followed by a free check-in conversation to deepen your learning and understanding. These check-in conversations are also your opportunity to ask me anything.
  • We then repeat this sequence two more times.
  • After a full cycle of 12 sessions, your ground work is done. We will have done significant transformational work on your initial issue, and you will have learned how to use the basic tools of your personal inner wisdom system – consciously, and purposefully.

What we will cover

Understand Yourself

Understand yourself in new ways

  • learn how to connect to your inner wisdom system
  • and how to read & work with your subtle energies
  • learn to trust your intuitive guidance
  • and give structure to your life with the help of your inner wisdom (if needed, I will support this part by recording some customised energy meditations for you)
Heal Your Patterns

Begin to heal your patterns

  • let your past selves show you which energy input they need so they can heal
  • and how you can gift yourself that healing
  • learn how to heal your boundaries, your relationship wounds, and your self-esteem
  • and learn how to set up energizing self-care rituals to integrate those shifts
Use Your Gifts

Use Your Gifts

  • meet your guides, angels and healing beings
  • and work with them on downloading your soul's unique gifts
  • learn how to communicate with your future self
  • and use her wisdom as your guiding light on your quest
Check-In Conversation 2

Meet me for a chat

  • after each round of 4 sessions, we'll meet for a check-in conversation
  • to help you integrate your new sense of self
  • and to help you implement your insights
  • also, this is your opportunity to ask me anything
Praise for Lilly

“In the leg of our journeys when the nights seem darker than usual, where — as Alighieri put it — the straight way seems lost, it helps to have a guide (or many) on the path. And if your guides have walked such paths, have done their deep work, if they too honour their own souls and infuse their methods with magic, knowing and goodness, and the right dose of courage, then really we can consider ourselves blessed. And I do. Thank you Lilly for the elegance of your coaching, your professionalism, your wise guidance, your clear seeing. And for shining a light where lights had been dimmed. And reminding me that such a light was also mine to shine.

- Jessica G., Montreal, Canada


  1. What's the session rhythm? From years of experience, I can say that the best rhythm for these sessions is once-every-three-weeks. Unless you’re in acute resolution mode, a two-week rhythm is often too fast, and one session every four weeks would lead to a loss of focus. Three weeks seems perfect. So, one cycle of 12 sessions (plus 3 check-in conversations, in between) will take about 11 months.
  2. What's the overall cost? If you agree to entering into a 12-session cycle with me, each session is 125 Euros. So, all in all, that’s 12 x 125 = 1500 Euros, paid in three instalments of 500 Euros, each. With each instalment, you purchase one package of four sessions, which also includes one free check-in conversation.
  3. Is this a subscription-based program? No, this is not a subscription, and in between session packages, you can pause or speed up at any time, depending on where you are at in your personal evolutionary process. However, I do recommend we keep a regular rhythm, to make things easier for your subconscious: The more you commit to a regular structure, the easier it is for your mind to stay engaged.
  4. When do I book each session package? As soon as we both commit to going through one full 12-session cycle together, you purchase your first package of four 90-minute sessions within 48 hours. Once we are through with your first package, and have met for a check-in conversation, you book the next package within 48 hours, etc. That way, you are clearly signalling to me that you are all in, and I will continuously hold space for you.
  5. Where do I sign up? You may have noticed that there's no "buy here"-button on this page. Here's why: Before we start working with each other, you and I meet for a free, non-binding intro conversation via Zoom, first. This is how all of my coaching relationships start. We meet for 60 minutes, you get a glimpse into my work, and if you and I click, you will get access to my scheduling page, where you'll be able to book and schedule your sessions, indepentently. Click on the button below to request your intro conversation, and let's get to know each other, before we dive in.
  6. Who is this session cycle for? This program is for leaders and thinkers who want to access a deeper level of knowing, who want to know who they are at soul-level, and who want to know why they’re here. It’s for you if you want to improve the ways in which you are using your gifts to help create a better world. My work supports those who contribute to humanity’s well-being, and who work towards liberation, sovereignty, justice and freedom – in their personal lives as well as on a collective scale.
  7. Who is this session cycle NOT for? This program is not for you if you are not open to working with the unseen: If you cannot imagine engaging with your energy bodies, your guides, your soul, your past selves (including past lives), the emotional wisdom of your heart, or your subconscious patterns, I will not be able to support you in any meaningful way. This program is also not for you if you are unwilling to face the complexities of your personal patterns. Life is nuanced, and so is this work.
  8. Any additional disclaimers? Yes: Please note that my work is not a replacement for medical nor therapeutic diagnosis or treatment. If you are currently suffering from any addictions or from continued mental distress, please refer to your medical doctor or psychotherapist for support.
  9. What's the refund policy for this program? Due to the transformational nature of this program, I cannot offer any refunds. Thank you for understanding.