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Listening to the Devas

Lilly Mackuth – Listening to the Devas

Listening to the Devas is a customised, 1:1 energy healing program designed to explore and transform one corner of your midlife that currently feels like an overgrown garden, or like a cluttered room, metaphorically speaking:  It’s a bit unkempt, there might be a few too many unsorted bits and pieces there for your liking, and overall, your project lacks structure and purpose. Can you feel its energy? Can you hear how it is asking you to turn it into something beautiful? Together, we will change your project into a part of your life that will feel satisfying, nourishing, useful, lush and deeply delicious.

To get there, we will work with the subtle realms and invite the natural intelligence of your project – its Deva – to come and talk to us. In addition, we will also call in some of your project’s other spiritual allies: The Devas of Healing, Clarity, Gentleness, Exploration, Openness, Truth, Deep Transformation, Wealth, Fresh Growth, and Integration will all take turns in supporting your project with their expertise.

Here’s how it works: In every session, I will channel one primary Deva (and several secondary Devas) for you, and you will be able to hear their insights and receive their loving guidance. Which, quite often, will sound like life-changing advice. Additionally, my team of helping spirits and I will use some customised, well-crafted energy healing tools to help your project grow into the thing it wants to become.

Your job is to listen to what the Devas have to say. To become acquainted with the Deva of your project. To allow the energy work tools to do their thing. To enjoy the energetic transformation as it happens. And to do some homework in-between sessions to help your project evolve.

It will be a series of 13 intimate, playful, mystical conversations that will facilitate some life-changing experiences for you and for your personal project.

By the end of our time together, you will have received practical clarity and guidance, energetic support, personal healing, and an experience of being connected to the wholeness of Life in a deeply new way. 

What you can expect:

  • 13 x 90-minute sessions of customised one-on-one support, all tailored to you
  • Deep insights into the actual energetics of your life
  • Channeled guidance to help you see what your life would like to evolve into
  • Profound healing and transformation in a project of your choosing* (see examples, below: FAQ, question 1)
  • A concrete understanding of the many ways in which Life itself would like to support you
  • And a foundation for experiencing more joy, more connectedness and much more clarity, despite the chaos that seems to dominate the times we are currently living in

“Unfortunately, I’m not a very good caretaker for plants. In other words, I tend to make them wither, or drown, without meaning to... But communicating with the natural intelligence of the Devas is what I imagine it must feel like to be a skilled gardener: When you just know what a garden needs to be able to flourish. Listening to the Devas has opened up a whole new world to me – one where I can hear what a given thing needs so it can grow and shine and fully become itself. This has been a life-changing experience.”

- Lilly Mackuth

Why does this process work?

Like every thing – tangible, or intangible – that serves the wholeness of life on this planet, the project you would like to work on has a soul of its own. And so do all of the energies that are here to support your project: For example, the energies of clarity, deep transformation, or fresh growth all have an inner intelligence, also known as a Deva, who knows all about the true inner nature of any given thing.

Infinitely wise, spiritually witty, and driven by absolute integrity, the Devas are wisdom keepers, and they are happy to be your personal allies on your quest.

As you start to collaborate with these allies, you give them permission to guide you and to show you how to do your part in helping your project grow. Their support will energetically enhance and balance your project, and more and more, you will start to shift into your own truth, as well.

The result: You will gradually begin to know what you didn’t know. And your project will become an absolute joy to work with, in the process.

Session Overview

LTTD Taking Inventory v2

Session 1: Taking Inventory

  • We will call in the Deva of your project
  • I will channel her insights and give you a detailed overview of the current inner landscape of your project
  • Through clarifying questions, we will explore what your project would like to evolve into
  • And together, we set an intention – a goal, if you will – that you and your project would like to reach by session 13
LTTD Joyful Transformation v2

Sessions 2–4 / 6–8 / 10–12: Joyful Transformation

  • In each of these sessions, I will channel your project Deva plus one other Deva expert who will reveal to you what wants to heal, or to be released, or to be improved, that week
  • One by one (and one per session each), the Devas of Healing, Clarity, Gentleness, Exploration, Openness, Truth, Deep Transformation, Wealth, Fresh Growth, and Integration will all take turns in supporting your project with their expertise
  • Additionally, my team of helping spirits and I will deliver some powerful energy work for extra support
LTTD Sweet Integration v2

Sessions 5 & 9: Sweet Integration

  • To process what your Transformation sessions will have revealed, we will call in the Deva of Integration
  • Together with her, we will observe and celebrate the changes that will have already happened, and integrate them into your project
  • Also, we will prepare for the next round of joyful transformation (i.e. for sessions 6–8 & 10–12)
LTTD Final Celebration v2

Session 13: Celebration

  • At the end of our time together, we will look back on your 13-session process
  • We will honour what has transformed, where you have grown, and where some old, outdated stuff will have magically disappeared to make room for the new
  • You will have learned how to be in right relationship with the Deva of your personal project
  • And so we will celebrate your personal project's “harvest", so to speak
  • And we will thank the Devas for their wonderful support
Praise for Lilly

“It's funny to feel so much gentleness when I receive a healing from the Devas – because their power is so enormous, as well – and I just love how playful they are.”

- Julia H., Berlin


  1. *What will we be working on, in this program? What is this for? We will be working on a personal project that feels overgrown, cluttered, or unclear to you: For example, you might want to choose to work on a relationship field, or on a specific energy (e.g. the energies of “decision-making” or “personal boundaries” or “joy” might be interesting). What feels incoherent or unstructured to you, right now? Think of something in your life where you feel like the past, your present self and your future don’t seem to be connected by a coherent thread. Something that needs healing, transformation, fresh insights, new growth, or a bit of sprucing-up. In other words, bring the one project in your life you would like to be able to enjoy more – and let’s turn it into a delicious new experience for you!
  2. How does the program work? Where do we meet? For each of our 13 sessions, you will choose an appointment from my online calendar, and we will meet live, on Zoom, via video call. All sessions will be private, confidential, and customised to your needs. Also, all of our calls will be recorded, and you can keep the recordings for your private, personal archive. Please do not share these recordings with anyone. They are just for you.
  3. How much is the program? All in all, the beta version of this deeply personal, 1:1 healing program is 1430 € (about 1500 $), which includes 13 x 90-minute live sessions held via Zoom; audio and video recordings of all sessions; weekly e-mail support; and some homework (as recommended by the Devas).
  4. Why can't I download a How-To somewhere and do the program on my own? Because even when you are an experienced intuitive or an energy worker in your own right, processes like these create deeper and more sustainable results when you have someone by your side. Someone who can channel information for you that might be just out of reach for you – mainly because we all have our blind spots when looking at our own lives.
  5. Why do the Devas play such a central part in this process? Are they the same thing as Guides, or Angels, or other non-physical beings? When communicating with Spirit, I find that I can talk to different aspects of any given thing. The spirit of a thing, to me, is different than the soul ( = Deva ) of that same thing, for example. And I find that in order to transform a project most successfully, I have to talk to and work with its Deva. My personal team of helping spirits will also be present during our sessions, and they might also want to chime in and support your personal process. Our main allies for this particular program, though, will be the Devas.
  6. What happens between Sessions? The Devas will give you some homework, which they will lovingly invite you to do on your own, in-between sessions – for example, if we’re working on a particular relationship field, the Devas might ask you to invite someone to go for a walk with you, or you might need to start researching opportunities for you to meet new people. Every piece of homework will be doable, enjoyable, and deeply satisfying, because it will be coming straight from the true nature of your project.
  7. What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here? The Who, What, Why, How, Where, and When have all been answered here. If you’re still not sure if this program is right for you, I would recommend sleeping on it for a few nights. And if you keep coming back to this page with curiosity, and with a certain feeling that says “this might be really interesting, actually”, give it a go. Alternatively, book yourself an Intro Consultation with me (link: below), and let's talk things through before you go all-in.
  8. What's the refund policy for this program? Due to the transformational nature of this program (which starts with session one, minute one), I cannot offer any refunds. Thank you for understanding.
  9. I’m still not sure whether I want to hear what the Deva of my personal project has to say – what if she’ll scold me for letting this part of my life become so messy, in the first place? The Deva of your project will always tell you the truth – in a non-violent, diplomatic, and practicable kind of way. And she will help you to see yourself from a new perspective, which will feel quite eye-opening, peaceful and sweet. If the thought of this invokes deep anger, cynicism or heightened mental distress in you, this program is not for you. But if you long to receive some hands-on guidance that’s loving and kind, give this program a try. See how it goes. If you would like to get to know my energy work style before making a decision: Feel free to book yourself an Intro Consultation with me, first (see link, below). Talk soon!