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Nicole Bernardo, a coach, consultant and television director from NYC: 

“Lilly and her intuitive guidance are such an incredible team. What she can do borders on the UNBELIEVABLE. You can FEEL the energy work she is doing on you. And it WORKS. Her healing powers and unequaled intuition and connection with Spirit are remarkable.

But that’s not even half of it. Lilly gets it. She can see what you can’t express. She is totally on your team.

More importantly, you’ll get RESULTS. Things will change. Your mentality will shift. Your heart will open. Your relationships will expand. You will feel more self-compassion and respect for yourself and much more confident and more comfortable with your own pace and way of doing things. And your life will align with your dreams, making you feel better and like everything is so much easier.

This approach just WORKS. Lilly will always work on EXACTLY what you need to work on – whether you are conscious about what that might be, or not. And you’ll always, always walk away from the Sessions with Lilly with a smile on your face – and a feeling that you’ve gotten many steps closer to where you want to be.”

Anne, a graphic designer from Berlin, Germany:

“I came to Lilly when I had a huge conflict with one of my friends. And the reason why I wanted to gain clarity was because the conflict didn’t make any sense to me. Up until then I had considered this friendship to be healthy and authentic and I really enjoyed our conversations and free time activities. But all of a sudden, things between us became complicated. With Lilly’s help, I was able to look into the energetic cause of that conflict. I got very clear images that explained what was going on between my friend and me. These insights completely changed my perspective, and Lilly’s energy work brought peace into this uncomfortable situation. And I’m relieved that my friend and I are now closer than ever and also that I know that I can always reach out to Lilly.”

Susan, an artist from Illinois, USA:

“I had done some forgiveness work in the past, but you helped me identify other issues I was unaware of and achieve a deeper level of forgiveness than I was able to on my own. The clearing I achieved working with you was amazing – deep, major shifts happened quickly but there was much laughter and lightness to offset the intensity. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much laughter was involved… who knew transformation work could be so fun 🙂  So, instead of feeling drained at the end of a session I felt uplifted. I highly recommend Lilly to anyone who is really looking for change in their life.”

Tina, a yoga instructor and teacher from the south of Germany:

“Sometimes, at the beginning of a Session, I can’t really tell what my problem is. Something is just not right in my life, and I can’t put my finger on it. But then you mirror back to me what I see, and suddenly, I can clearly identify what the issue is. I get a very clear view. And I think it’s remarkable that we then resolve that thing in just one little Session. I always feel better after a Session with you, Lilly. Your work changes relationships – sustainably, for the better. And I want to add that I am very grateful that you do your work with so much love, compassion, professionalism and a sense of humour!”

Marianne, an architect from Konstanz, Germany:

With Lilly’s help, I discovered a variety of patterns within me which I wouldn’t have been able to get to any other way. Her methods were holistic, healing and incredibly gentle. After each Session, I felt that my body kept working on stuff, and this initiated a wonderful healing process. In my Sessions with Lilly, I learned to listen to my body, and I was impressed by her energy practices. They taught me to deeply listen to myself and to consciously perceive and understand myself. This is what I want to say: Just give it a try! – This work doesn’t expose you, it’s very gentle, peaceful and healing. Just give it a try.”

Heike, a singer & musician from Konstanz, Germany:

“Thank you for your practices and another big fat thank you for our Sessions together. It was an exceptional experience for me and I can still feel the effect! I am very glad that I got to know you. You have enriched my life in so many ways!”