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On being in relationship with money

(Excerpt from a recent client Session, shared with permission)

Look at your relationship with money as having three dimensions:

One, there’s your overall relationship with money. That’s your general “feel” for it, and your personal history with it, which has been developing over many lifetimes and which will have given you experiences spanning across the whole spectrum – from starving-poor to beautifully-well-off.

Two, there’s the practical dimension: That’s your ability for making money, and your preferences for implementing certain business models (if you’re self-employed) or for taking on certain jobs you feel drawn to. This includes your desires on how you want to be spending your money. Oddly enough, this dimension is very closely linked to who you are at soul-level: The energetic structure of your soul can tell you a lot about the practical realities that exist between you and money. 

And three, there are your personal edges when it comes to money. Those edges might be quite subtle, like that small flame of anger that sends a waft of smoke through your system when it’s time to do your book-keeping, and you just don’t feel like doing it. Our personal edges usually form around the tasks we absolutely have to do in order to keep our money flow going, and we may never actually like doing them. But they are a reality, and the act of regularly overcoming those edges can become a natural habit. Like brushing your teeth. 

There’s a lot of energy work that can be done in order to clean up all three dimensions, and all three can become beautifully clear for you. Ideally, throughout this process, you will notice that you start to feel better about money in general (dimension one), you will fall in love with the way you are making money (dimension two), and you will regularly engage in a passionate dance with your personal money edges, swirling around the flames of your emotional fires together (dimension three).

Which money dimension feels easy and flow-y to you?

Which one feels just about ok?

Has one of those dimensions been leaving you feeling hopeless?

How could you start engaging with that particular money dimension in a new way, this year?




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