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My Methods

I use a beautiful blend of transformational, holistic methods in all of my one-on-one Sessions. Here’s a little overview of what I do:


is an effective conversation method designed to leverage the hidden connections between your circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits in order to create positive, sustainable change. It lets you take on the role of a conscious creator, able to create a life that is aligned with your highest values and your most soulful desires, in any given moment. Step by step, in your own magnificent way. I was trained by Dr. Martha Beck and her Master Coaches and have also incorporated inner child work, mind-body coaching tools as well as somatic healing methods into my transformational way of coaching.


is my clairvoyance / claircognizance at work. I use my inner knowing to connect you with your own inner wisdom sources that you can then use as your compass on your personal evolutionary path. Your unique inner wisdom sources, for example, could be your higher self, your heart’s deeper knowing, your body wisdom, or a past life equipped with deep knowledge. I connect you to each of your sources, as they show up, and teach you how to consciously communicate with them. This way,  you learn how to to systematically apply your unique intuitive wisdom to your life.


is a manual technique (without physical touch) that supports your body, mind and spirit as you go through energetic and emotional changes. When you step into a new way of being, and start to make new choices, new challenges arise. Fear, in particular, raises its head (the fears of your inner child, the fears of your past lives, the embodied fears of your family of origin, etc.). This is a natural process, and Energy Work can help you to navigate it, while simultaneously reconnecting you to your own inner strengths. I apply my Energy Work tools remotely, by moving your energies with my hands. It looks a little bit like Reiki, and it is my own system created from 8 years of experience that is always customised to your specific needs.


is an ancient body-work technique designed to help you master your everyday life with grace. Its simple and effective yogic tools can help you develop physical strength, mental stamina and spiritual well-being. Kundalini Yoga gives you inner clarity and awakens higher levels of consciousness within you. When I teach Kundalini Yoga, my intention is to give everyone in the room an embodied experience of the beautiful interplay between your body, your energy bodies, your emotions, your mind and your soul. I also apply some of my yogic tools and meditation techniques throughout my one-on-one private Sessions to hold a peaceful, sacred space for your transformation and to support your personal processes.