Self-help not required

I think the term “self-help” is misleading.


I didn’t heal from any of my heartbreaks, crises, or chronic pain issues all by myself. And I don’t think anyone should have to.


We are doing ourselves a huge disservice if we try to make it on our own. Yes, reaching out to a professional coach for help – or to any professional, for that matter – is always a bit awkward, because the experience of connecting with someone who knows how to help you always creates a mirror image, almost tangibly, of who you are within your current crisis, big or small, and of who you might be when it’s all over.


But that mirror image also instantly reflects your beauty, your gifts, and your desires. Which, even if you find that you have reached out to the “wrong” person, i.e. to someone who you don’t quite feel like yourself with, means that you have gained more clarity and peace by identifying that truth within yourself.


Which then makes it so much easier to find the right person.


You don’t have to go through this alone.


Reach out.


Lilly MackuthLilly Mackuth offers private, customised coaching Sessions (online, or in person) to help you tune into your unique inner wisdom system and stay in integrity as you face life’s challenges.


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